Vinyl Floorings

Vinyl flooring is highly durable. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last upwards of 10-20 years. That said, vinyl is a great choice for the rooms in your house that get the most foot traffic. Additionally, most vinyl flooring has a wear layer on its surface that resists scratches and stains. All vinyl flooring products are waterproof because they're composed primarily of PVC. However, the quality of installation can affect their level of water-resistance. For instance, LVT comes in planks or tiles that sit side by side, resulting in multiple seams.


Durability. When cared for properly, vinyl can be a very durable material lasting for 10 to 20 years. Easy to Install, Vinyl is a relatively easy material to install as long as it is done correctly, Easy to Maintain, Appearance, Water-Resistant.


Wooden Laminated Floorings

Laminate flooring is a great choice if you want a high-end hardwood look but need something more durable for pets and kids. Laminate is a much better choice against scratches and dents. It is also much more affordable than hardwood. Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.


Laminate flooring is extremely durable – Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, a laminate floor is much stronger and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and longer lasting that any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. It's virtually resistant to dogs, cats, kids and even high heels.

Hardwood Floorings

Solid hardwood flooring is created from single strips of wood cut directly from the tree. These can be nailed into a wood subfloor. Engineered hardwood flooring usually comes as prefinished hardwood floors that can usually be installed quickly. The best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily available and — you guessed it — very hard. Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices. Other species include bamboo (which is actually a grass), walnut, ash and mahogany.


Wood floors are easier to clean and less likely to be damaged. This will reduce your cleaning or repair costs over the years. Additionally, because they are so durable, hardwood floors can last for generations. This long-lasting quality makes them a cost-effective flooring option.


Carpets Floorings

The warm softness of carpet also creates a surface with excellent sound-deadening properties. With carpeting, though, the surface of the entire floor is padded and insulated so that noise won't easily pass up or down. The fact that carpet is so soft also makes it a particularly safe flooring choice. Nylon is generally known for being the most durable type of carpet for residential use. These carpets are good for use in places with heavy foot traffic and for households with kids and pets.


Carpet is a favorite flooring option for homeowners, especially in bedrooms. It comes in a variety of colors, materials and textures. Carpet technology has improved over the years, and modern carpets have stain-resistant qualities. It's also the most cost-effective flooring option on the market.

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