Aluminium Awnings

Because they are made out of aluminum, these awnings are better equipped to withstand the environment. When living in an area prone to high winds, extreme winds, rain, snow, or excessive heat, year after year aluminum awnings will withstand the elements without bowing, warping or stretching. When comparing aluminum awnings to their fabric counterparts, it's clear which option is the most durable. Unlike fabric, aluminum can survive exposure to severe weather conditions like gusting winds, intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, and even sizable snowstorms.


They are weather resistant, and hold up well against snow, rain and wind, as opposed to canvas awnings which only protect against sunlight. Metal awnings can be used for carports and will protect a car from the elements for years.


Fabric Awnings

Awning fabric that's made from acrylic, vinyl, polyester, or a combination of these materials is often far more durable, mildew-resistant, and maintenance-free than its canvas predecessor. Most awnings can offer some degree of water protection, though most can't be classified as waterproof due to the fact that they can only sustain light rainfall. Your awning may be damaged if it's hit by heavy rains and not designed with that purpose.


Window Awnings Contribute to Your Home's Aesthetic, They Make Homes More Energy-Efficient — No Matter the Season, They Prevent Indoor/Outdoor Furniture from Fading, Window Awnings Can Create an Extended Living Area, Enable Ventilation Even When It's Raining and Protect Your Windows From Rain and Snow..

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